What is “Royalty Free Music”?


“Every time when the music plays, somebody get pays!”

This concept became popular and lawful in the US in 1976 after the signing of an updated copyright law by the US government. To date, this concept is relevant in many countries, including the CIS.

What does this mean?

The bottom line is that music like any other work of art is a commodity (a product of consumption) that is created for certain purposes. Sometimes it’s hard to understand, because music does not have physical form. But after all, the author who created the music did not do a small job, which would result in a full-fledged musical work and people used it for their own purposes, like any other product. And the Author, like any other profession, has the right to receive remuneration for this.

In which case does he pay for the music?

There are several types of royalty payments:

  • Payment of  royalties when broadcasting songs on a radio station or television;
  • Payment of royalties when buying songs on iTunes, Google Play, etc .;
  • Payment of royalties with online listening (streaming);
  • Payment of the income received from advertising, when viewing videos on YouTube;
  • Payment of a one-time royalty upon the purchase of Royalty Free.

So we came to the main question:

What is “Royalty Free Music”?


Royalty-free, or RF, refers to the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold. But it does not mean free. The bottom line is that you can buy a license for use, pay a fixed fee once and use music multiple times without any payments. Thus, you can legally use music, save your budget and relieve yourself of the headache associated with a permanent payout to the author.


Imagine the situation that you need to create a commercial, in which naturally there should be background music. You can take any music and every time your video plays, you will have to pay royalties to the author of the music. Agree – it’s not convenient. And the amount will not accumulate a little. But there is another option. You can once buy royalty free license to use music in your video, pay only 10-20 $ and use it without restrictions and without payouts.
The field of application of Royalty Free Music does not stop there.

Where is Royalty Royalty Free Music used?

Main applications:

  • Music for video of any purpose (video blog, video review, video instruction, wedding video, etc.);
  • Music for Advertising (both audio advertising and video advertising);
  • Music for presentation (both corporate presentations, and presentations of products and projects);
  • Music for events;
  • Music for the film;
  • Music for IVR menu and waiting on line;
  • Music for commercial use, etc.

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